BMW 'NO HOLES' License Plate Bracket Kits




   Some BMW models may be different based on styling, bumper kit, or trim package.
If unsure we recommend you measure to ensure the correct kit is purchased.

**We will not be responsible for shipping charges when the wrong kit is ordered**
Inquire if you have questions about suggested fitment

Please use either a ruler, or your factory tow hook
to measure the distance from your towhook receptacle to the bumper.

Optional Offset Brackets

Directions for offset are for passenger side towhook mounts.  Driver side mount is opposite.

BMW30 (30-38mm) E46 3 Series (Non M), E39 & E39(M) 5 Series, X5 (E70), X6 (E72) $59.95
BMW45 (45-63mm) E36 & E36 (M) 3 Series, Z3, E8X 1 Series (including M or M-Sport Bumper), E9X 3 Series (Non M or M-Sport Bumper) $59.95
BMW60 (60-78mm) E9X M3 & 3 Series MSport Bumper, X3 (E83), E63/ E64 (M) 6 Series, X5 (E53) $69.95
BMW80 (80-98mm) E46 M3, E60 & E60 (M) 5 Series $69.95
BMW100 (100-118mm) Z4 (E85/E86), Z8 $69.95
BMW Z4 2009+ (E89) $79.95
**BMW X1 (F48) $79.95
**BMW X3 (F25) $79.95
**BMW X5 (F15) $79.95
**BMW X6 2015+ (F16,F86) $79.95
**BMW 2 Series 2014+, 3 Series 2012+, & 4 Series 2014+ (F Models) $79.95
* BMW 5 Series 2011+ (F10/F11) $79.95
* BMW 6 Series 2011+ (F12/F13) $79.95
* BMW 7 Series 2009+ (F01/F02) $79.95
* BMW Gran Turismo 5S (F07) $79.95
BMW i3 *Coming Soon $99.95
BMW i8 $99.95
OFFSET1 Right Bracket Only $9.95
OFFSET3 Left Bracket Only $9.95

*  These kits will come with the OFFSET3 Left Bracket as their standard bracket.
**  The state license plate may need to be modified for PDC on X1 (E84), X3 (F25)  and new 2, 3 & 4 Series (F)  
***Some models/ fascias do not have a work around due to location of PDC
All BMW Kits can have the Standard Bracket swapped out for the OFFSET3 Left for (PDC) parking sensors.      Please put in notes section at time of checkout if this is needed.