Infiniti 'NO HOLES' License Plate Bracket Kit

G37 & M35

G35 & M45

*Available for the 04-08 M45, 04-07 G35 2dr & 07-08 G35 4dr w/ 24mm tow hook

FX35 & EX35

Shown with the offset bracket which is standard in this kit.

Optional Offset Bracket

Directions for offset are for passenger side towhook mounts.  Driver side directions are opposite.

Infiniti G35 / M45 (24mm) 'NO HOLES' LPB Kit $89.95
Infiniti G37 / M35 'NO HOLES' LPB Kit $89.95
Infiniti FX35 / EX35 'NO HOLES' LPB Kit $89.95
Offset Right Bracket Only $8
Offset Left Bracket Only $8